le tems revient
Angie, time travelling wife of Lord Castlereagh, part-time mistress of Duke Valentino and professional avoider of Reality.

I worship at the feet of the Medici.

fuck/marry/get drunk with: Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia, Micheletto

Jesus Christ, love, how did I know?

Marry Cesare: for nights upon nights of Church sanctioned sex and babies

Fuck Micheletto (Cesare- the Manga version, who in my mind looks like Javier de Miguel) because he’s good with swords. and yum, Spaniards.

Get Drunk with Juan in order to have a night of shameless drunken dirty sex, without any consequences… because when Juan gets drunk, this is what happens. Oh we can also fling dirt at peasants or something. (preferably before I married Cesare, although if postmarriage to Cesare, then his murder mystery would probably be solved)

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  1. djezhofmacedon said: Ksssss, if you chose Juan for ‘get drunk with’ I don’t think you’re allowed to have sex with him AS WELL! But oh fine do what you want. Also, “good with swords.” This is what we call excellent reasoning, my dear :)
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